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Last Customer Reviews
  • "We originally had a very manual thermometer, and it probably wasn't the best sanitary option as well. With sanitization being one of the main reasons, I got this thermometer for that main reason. Its digital, its kept clean and away from areas that would be bad to pass around germs. Plus this thermometer really works well, easy to use and read. I've had issues in the past trying to get them to work right away and that will usually get my wife upset that I can't get a thermometer working. So didn't get yelled at and was able to check her fever. I really like the functions that you can use it at ear or forehead, great to not have to constantly ensure its clean of all spit before using to the next forehead. The quality is good for this price."
  • "This thermometer is extremely easy to use and faithfully provides accurate temperature readings quickly. The illuminated background LCD screen makes it easy to read in the dark. The color-coding green, orange, red in addition to the temperature degree is a nice feature to quickly explain acceptable temperature ranges without having to look them up. One thing we love is the memory functions of previous readings, it makes it super easy to track the status of a fever and recall readings at a glance."
  • "Bought this thermometer for my baby since it can be used both ear and forehead. And after couple of times of using it, they are all accurate. Great buy."
  • "I really like this. I have been wanting one and looking at different one and then decided on this one. It is easy to use especially when you have kids or grandkids."
  • "So I've bought digital thermometers and got burned with them just not being good. This time I wanted to get one with reviews before I bought. This one did not let me down. It's a good device. It's easy to use, one touch and quick temp. readings. The readings were accurate with both the cap on or off. The numbers were large and easy to read. It fits nicely in your hand and also in child's ear. It even has color coding to alert you if temp is too high or too low. Overall good quality product."
  • "This is an awesome product. Super easy to use and instructions are easy to understand. I love that you can get a quick reading from the head and a more accurate reading from the ear. My only drawback is knowing the best way to keep the ear part clean since there are no sanitary covers. Other than this, it is an excellent thermometer. I also love that it is color-coded with the temperature, so I can easily read if my child has a fever or not. We actually received the product the day after my child got sick and it was an accurate reading for her temperature!"
  • "This thermometer is supported by clinical research and recommended by medical experts. In order to provide accurate results and ensure excellent performance, it uses an upgraded processing system, and applies updated high-precision sensor probes and the latest smart chips. It is faster, more reliable, and more secure. It can measure quickly in 1 second, has a silent mode, and can read clearly in the dark using a large backlit LCD screen."
  • "For my previous kid i had one of those forehead thermometer. The easy thing about it is your kid would not squirm. But the disadvantage is i was never sure as it would show different temp even when taken simultaneously on the same person. So i got this one the ear and forehead one for second baby and loved it. Atleast now i can be sure of the temperature and do not have to guess. Now all i need to take care is the kid not to squirm while taking"
  • "This thermometer is a great buy. The color of this product is black and white sleek design that compliments your hand real nice. With that being said, it feels really nice and comfortable in your hand. I like this item so much, it has a colored codes screen: green is good, yellow is a low fever, and red is for a high fever, which makes it easier to tell and you don't have to look it up."
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